It may be the year of the snake, but the animal print of the year on the catwalk is leopard!

Finding unique and innovative ways to spatter these spots atop the season’s fabrics have left us feeling feline fashion all over.


The art of wearing the animal print elegantly is in how you pair it as much as how you wear it. It requires a bold strut, or a stealthy prowl, paired with a little patent leather glitz or solid colors to make those prints pop.

Animal Prowess

Top kitty Paris Hilton proudly set her dominant female prowess onto the beach earlier this year in a flowy animal print dress.


…but not everyone wants to claim their territory so boldly!

For most of us, adding just a little spatter of spots also adds a nice subtle bit of spice. How about a (not so) subtle strut with these Giuseppe leopard heels for a little accent on that little black dress? The striking yellow heel catches your eye long before the animal print does.


Or perhaps your inner feline isn’t bold enough to show off your animal instinct?


Soft spots on your intimates (that only you know about) let you purr gently until it’s time to prowl. Subtle spots blended with beauty spots and laced with little blush bows… these are the pastel prints for the demure animal inside.


Whatever  animal you find in yourself, get out and go on the prowl… there’s an animal in all of us.

Make yours roar!