Navel Gaze

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Not to be confused with ‘navel gazing’ the navel gaze is that which one does when casting one’s eyes on the central point on the body, the punctuation between the top and the bottom, the spot in-between.

The navel (clinically known as the umbilicus, colloquially known as the belly button or tummy button) is in fact a scar, the one that marks the miracle of our birth.

Have you ever been asked: Are you an ‘innie” or an “outie” ?

The navel is  an erogenous zone with heightened sensitivity. Its display has been censored, banned, prohibited, while just as much  encouraged, praised, and adored.

During the 1950s, actress Joan Collins was prohibited from displaying her bare navel for the film Land of the Pharaohs by censors.

In 1994, Art Cooper, editor-in-chief of GQ magazine said that his big seller in 1994 was the February issue with Geena Davis on the cover, on which she wore an Armani suit opened at the hips to reveal her navel.

In 2001, the editors of Britannica commissioned an article on Britney Spears that deconstructs her bare midriff. The article describes Miss Spears’s navel as “a heated boundary between baby and babe”.

Does the navel make you Blush?








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