Five Ways to Flirt in 2012

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Blush is a lingerie company providing flirtatious and affordable luxury to women worldwide. You probably already knew that. – But you may not be aware of how intent we really are on providing ALL women flirtatious undergarments.

The definition of flirtatious behaviour in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is to “behave amorously without serious intent”.

Frankly, we are not particularly concerned whether your intent is serious or not, but do seriously concern ourselves with making sure you have the look and the style-attitude that will put you in the mood for unfettered flirting.

Women, girls, academics, executives, homemakers, what type of flirt are you?


Spring 2012 comes in 5 Luxurious ways to Flirt

Are you trying to mesmerize him? Girlish retro-chick SPELLBOUND might do the trick:



-Or perhaps you prefer to to coax and tease with LUSCIOUS :

Blush Spring 2012 Lucious


Some of us prefer to lie back and let it happen.



One ounce shy, a bit of exhibitionism and cup full of desire.

These three ingredients make a delectable FREE LOVE flirtation:



Feeling a little bit naughty?

NAKED ENVY simply is seduction:

Blush Spring




  1. These photos are GORGEOUS. I love them!

  2. Sincerely really nice !


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